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How to do Sutra Neti Kriya and It’s Health Benefits

Sutra Neti is additionally an extremely compelling technique in clearing of the nasal entries and cleaning the abundance bodily fluid pieces and additionally treating the nasal drains. Be that as it may, this system is to some degree basic and required consistent master supervision to evade any harms to the inward nasal tissues. In spite of the fact that powerful in every one of the regards like jala and dugdaneti it is included more method than the other two as it includes going of a tube or fabric through nostrils.

Sutra Neti Kriya

How to do Sutra Neti Kriya:

  1. For performing Sutra Neti we require a cotton string or elastic catheter which should be refined with warm water.
  2. Presently pull the string from one nostril delicately till the flip side leaves mouth.  Should be watchful that the line or cotton string should be pushed delicately to the nostrils.
  3. Presently when the string or material turns out into the throat opening easily pull the same with the assistance of index fingers
  4. Get the rope and delicately pull it towards the mouth and gradually move in and out so that the nasal depression is totally cleared with no contaminations or mucus blocks.
  5. Presently remove the string or fabric from the nostril and rehash the same with the other nostril.
  6. In the event that any bothering or agony happens need to stop the method quickly.
  7. Slight movement’s give the best results and clear the nasal pieces totally.
  8. Precaution:
  •  Always need to perform under master instructor.
  • Need to stop if there should arise an occurrence of any agony or bothering happened amid the procedure.

Health Benefits of Sutra Neti Kriya:

  • Helps to clear the nasal blocks and stops bleeding.
  • Clears the all malady bringing about germs from the nasal cavities and limits their assaults.
  • It helps to clear mucus blocks and sinus related issues.