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5 Benefits of Regular Exercise

1.       Control Your Weight.regular exercise

There are so many benefits of Regular exercise but, the most important one is you can control your Weight and stay fit by doing regular exercise. It is essential for everyone to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight and obese, regular physical exercise will help you to reduce your weight and healthy diet also give you more effective result.

2.       It helps to reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

Now a day’s Heart Disease and Stroke are two of the main causes of death in India and outside India. But by doing at least 150 minutes a weak (2 hours and 30 minutes) of aerobic exercise can lower you risk for these diseases. Regular exercise can also help you to control and lower your blood pressure and maintain of your cholesterol levels.

3.       Helps to reduce stress.

Most common mental benefit of Exercise is Stress relief. Exercise also helps to increase concentrations of norepinephrine, its moderate the brain’s response and enhances psychological fitness. So regular exercises reduce your stress and boost your body ability to work more and stress free. Physical exercise can reduce your risk of developing depression and dementia. If you already in depression and dementia it helps you to recover from it.

4.       It’s strengthen the Bones and Joints.

By doing regular exercise younger people and children can make their bone stronger because it helps to increase bone mineral density which helps to keep bone stronger and also slow down the degeneration of bone in later life.

5.       Reduce the risk of Cancer and Diabetes.

Exercise is one of the most important actions which trim the risk of many types of cancer such as 4 hrs of workout a weak can reduce the chance of breast cancer up to 37%. Women having high estrogen levels in their blood have more risk in Breast cancer. Since physical exercise help to lower the level of estrogen in blood, so it helps to lower the risk of blood cancer and regular physical exercise also help to reduce the risk of Diabetes 2 and metabolic syndrome.