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How to do Jala Neti Kriya (Nasal Cleaning) and it’s Health Benefits

Jala Neti kriya (nasal cleaning) is a purging routine of the sinus sections with warm saline water. Yogis have rehearsed it for quite a long time for its countless and intense advantages. It is additionally called Neti or Saline Nasal Irrigation. In spite of the fact that learners may feel little uncomfortable yet the aggregate yoga system is exceptionally valuable in treating nasal mucus blocks, bleeding and different contaminations.

Jala Neti Kriya

How to do Jala Neti Kriya (Nasal Cleaning):

Bring a neti pot and filled it with salted warm water with 1tsp salt for half liter water proportion and now keep your head over a dish or sink. Unadulterated or warm water in the wake of bubbling is all that much suggestible to best results.

Spotless, salty, tepid water (at body temperature) is poured through the left nostril. The head is tilted to permit the water to move through the nasal pit and out through the right nostril. The spout of the lota is then embedded in the right nostril and the technique rehashed.

Amid the procedure take moderate breaths through mouth and need to watch that the cone ought to totally into the nostril opening as opposed to abandoning some space.

Presently stand straight and blow the abundance water tenderly with mellow weight. Cleaning of abundance water is additionally vital after finishing of the yoga process.

Rehash the procedure around 10-12 breaths to both the nostrils and afterward go to the typical position


In the event that conceivable, utilize a neti pot for each nostril.

If the nose is hindered from the chill or draining or contaminated inside, then keep away from this kriya (process).

They ought to first clear nose by Kapalbhati Pranayam and afterward hone jalaneti.

Additionally abstain from honing it at evening times. Continuously do it when sun is sparkling (ideally at a young hour in the morning with vacant stomach).

Health Benefits of Jala Neti Kriya (Nasal Cleaning):

Jala neti enhances the nasal clearings and aides in evacuating of the bacterial, infection, soil and other ailment bringing on germs.

It helps in treating the nasal tissues and stops the bleeding brought on because of different reasons.

It clears every one of the bodily fluid arrangements in the nostrils furthermore sinuses.

It clears the breathing related issues in bronchitis and asthma.

It cures cerebral pain, headaches, fits of rage, madness and melancholy issues.