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3 Exercises to get your dream Chest

Now getting your dream Chest is not a big deal, by doing some regular exercise you can get your dream chest. I will suggest you 3 best chest exercises by which you can get faster result and you can also see your dreams come true by regularly doing those exercise. Please follow the bellow exercise.

Exercise for Chest

Push-up: This is one of the best exercise to get your dream chest. Benefit of this exercise is you can do it anywhere and no additional equipment is required for doing Push-up.

How to do: Place yourself in a horizontal position on the floor while facing down and balance your body with the help of your hand and toes. Use your arm to raise yourself and lowering yourself. Do every day 100 push-ups, if you cannot do 100 push-ups in onetime, so do as much as you can, then take rest and do it again.

Barbell Bench Press: The Barbell Bench Press is a fantastic exercise to build your chest and upper body muscles. This comes under one type of weight training exercise, so do carefully while doing Barbell Bench press.

How to do: Bring one flat bench and lie back on that flat bench and grab the barbell width about should apart above you and this will be your starting position, from the starting position lower down the barbell then touch your chest while doing this breathe in and breathe out and push the barbell to starting position, do barbell exercise for 30 times with the weight 30 KG, 3 sets repetition.

Incline Dumbbell Press: It’s an upper body exercise which give round shape to your Chest. The targeted area of this exercise is Chest, Shoulder and triceps.

How to do: Lie down back on a bench which is going to be slanted up with a Dumbbell in both hands facing each other directly above your fully extended arms then lower down both the dumbbell to the side of your chest and press the dumbbell back to the starting position, do this exercise 30 times and 3 sets repetition.