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7 Benefits of Banana

Like eating an apple each day can keep the doctor away, also eating a banana each day can keep the doctor away. Bananas are full of carbohydrates, Vitamin A, C, and B6, Iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium and natural sugar like sucrose, fructose and glucose.Benefit of banana

Below are the top 7 benefits of banana.

  1. Banana is rich with potassium, a chemical that regulate sodium in the body which helps to maintaining normal blood pressure, strengthen of bones and Keep heart healthy. Potassium help to reduce nicotine level in the body so those who want to quit their smoking habit banana can also help them by eating every day and helps prevent the feeling of a hangover.
  2. Bananas are one of the best natural antacid which provide relief from acid reflux, heartburn and GRED.
  3. Due to high level of tryptophan, which helps to produce serotonin, it’s an important chemical of brain that regulates mood and emotion. Eating bananas can raise serotonin level in the brain which helps to overcome depression.
  4. Bananas are full of natural energy, before doing strenuous workout if you eat two bananas it will give you energy and help you to work out more and sustain your blood sugar. It also protects muscle from cramps during work out.
  5. Bananas are loaded with Vitamin B-6, which helps to reduce swelling, help with the production of white blood cells. It also helps you to protect against type II diabetes and strengthen the nervous system due to high level of Vitamin B-6.
  6. Banana contains prebiotic fiber that contributes to the digestive system, helps to prevent diarrhea because fiber helps to solidify stool and strengthen the immune system. Banana also have one contain called protease inhibitors, helps to destroy bacteria which causes stomach ulcers.
  7. Those who are looking for good health and lose weight, Bananas are a perfect choice. Bananas are low in fat and high in vitamins and fiber.