Different posture of Surya Namaskar and its health benefits.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is consists of 12 Yoga poses; Sun Salutation is considered a whole body exercise. Three aspect of Surya Namaskar is form, virtual energy and rhythm. By doing this exercise anybody can use to with Yoga. Sun Salutation assists a person with vitalizing and unblocks the entire system. It diminishes fat from all parts of the body as it extends every single muscle and tones it.

Posture of Sun Salutation

How to do Sun Salutation

Posture 1: Stand with your feet together and in front of your chest fold your palms. Close your eyes appropriately. At that point inhale ordinarily.

Posture 2: Raise your arms over your head and shoulders with the palms touching one another and biceps touching your ears. Stretch your stomach area however much as could be expected and incline in reverse and breathe in.

Posture 3: Exhale while you gradually twist forward until your hands are in accordance with your feet, touching your head to your knees, if conceivable. Press your palms down, fingertips in accordance with toes.

Posture 4: Take your right leg back behind your body in a wide jump. As you breathe in, keep your hands and feet on the ground, with your left foot between your hands, and raise your head.

Posture 5: Inhale as you convey your left foot to meet your right foot at the back of the mat and keep the hips off the floor with both your hands supporting the body in a push up position.

Posture 6: Bring down your knees, mid-section and temple with your palms immovably on the ground beside your mid-section and exhale as you lower your body, keeping your elbows close by.

Posture 7: Bring down your waist and raise your abdominal area. Look upwards and keep your arms straight. At that point breathe in at a moderate pace

Posture 8: Raise your hips and adjust your head to your arms with eyes on the navel and heel on the floor. This position will precisely resemble an altered ‘V’. At that point as regular breathe out.

Posture 9: Keeping your hands firmly on the ground, place your left foot between your hands and lift your head up. In this step the posture is the same as the fourth step. Inhale.

Posture 10: Keeping your hands set up, unite both feet. Rectify your legs yet keep your waist twisted and abdominal area brought down. Touch your head to your knees, if conceivable. Breathe out.

Posture 11: This posture is same as the second posture. Breathe in

Posture 12: Come back to position number 1. Breathe out.


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